"But my skin gets better with sun!"

Have you experienced this? Have you noticed that your skin clears up when you get some sun? Well, don't be fooled.  Here's what's really happening.

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Sun exposure suppresses the immune system, which decreases the inflammatory response to acne and reduces redness. If you have skin that tans in the sun, you might also notice less redness due to your skin’s increase in pigment. But while sunbathing might seem like a good short-term fix for acne, it can make your breakouts much worse in the long run, as well as causing far more dangerous problems such as skin cancer. UVA rays are not the tanning rays, but we are exposed to them whenever the sun is shining. They can penetrate glass, so we are always vulnerable to them, even in winter. They reach deep into your skin to break down the collagen and elastin and prevent skin from producing more. UVB rays are the tanning rays; they don't penetrate as deeply into the skin, but they are more responsible for cancers. The result of exposure to both of these types of rays is that your skin loses structure and begins to show typical signs of aging; brown spots, leathery skin texture, wrinkles, and even the appearance of larger pores. Over time the walls of your pores lose elasticity and sag, appearing larger as a result.

Getting a sunburn or suntan also dries out the skin. If you have oily skin and you dry it out too much, the skin’s response is to make more oil. The skin is always trying to maintain its natural barrier and stay in balance.

So, what to do?

Every day, apply sunscreen to the face, neck, ears, and the back of the hands. These are the areas that get the most sun exposure. Try keeping a hand cream with SPF in your car as a reminder to protect your hands, and a powdered sunscreen in your bag to re-apply during the day or to get your ears and scalp if you know you'll be in the sun for any length of time.

Conventional sunscreens can be heavy and oily, irritating acne-prone skin, but there are many acne-safe products on the market now. I carry several different types of acne-safe sun protection products. Check them out the next time you come in! And remember to keep your skin protected all year long.


Conventional sunscreens can be heavy and oily, irritating acne-prone skin, but there are many acne safe products on the market now. I carry several different types of acne-safe sun protection products. Check them out the next time you come in. And remember to keep your skin protected all year long.

Product Spotlight: Viktoria DeAnn

Are you looking for products whose efficacy only increases over time? Incorporating peptides into your routine is the cutting edge of skincare.

We know that if you want to really change the skin, you have to be able to get down to where the skin production begins, and that's the dermis. Moisturizers are important for maintaining the outer layers of skin and helping with the appearance of the outer layer but they can't actually treat the living layers of skin. Working with the epidermis and the dermis (deeper layers of the skin) allows for an internal reestablishment of the healthy cell cycle. As these supporting layers of the skin peak towards their natural operating function, the effects can be seen in the outer layers.

As skin ages, it loses the message to replenish itself at the proper rate. Dead cells on the surface (stratum corneum) accumulate and become thicker, reducing moisture, nourishment, and protection from within and producing rough and unhealthy skin. This is why it's important to exfoliate more as we age. The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun increase pigmentation and damage to skin cells, resulting in age spots and freckles. Collagen and elastin, which is the structure that holds the skin together, starts to break down causing it to lose its firmness and resilience.

Peptides allow the skin’s cellular function and skin renewal cycle to become optimized and renewed. These renewed skin cells make their way from the dermis up to the epidermis, smoothing the skin's surface. Renewal of the stratum corneum also helps reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation and freckles, while healthy collagen and elastin promote firm, youthful skin.

I will be incorporating these amazing peptides into all of my facials, but the best results are obtained by continuing with homecare. The beauty of peptides is that you can start with just one or if you want more dramatic results you can layer as many as you like. Retail products will be available in the studio only, not online. Look for them the next time you come in. This lift kit has everything you need to get started and includes pepti-lift, pepti-tone, eye serum, and rejuvenator. Purchased separately the cost of these products would be $230, but purchased as a kit the cost is just $190.

Remember to ask for a sample kit when you're in for your next appointment!


New Year, new space, new beginnings!

 I can’t wait to share the all-new Melt Body and Skin studio with you. Opening in January, the space—right in the center of Chatham, with ample free parking, and just steps away from some of the area’s top restaurants and shops—will be a serene, restful getaway designed with you, my best customers, in mind. 

Are you ready for some construction shots?

Wall going up to make the new treatment room.

Wall going up to make the new treatment room.

Wall up and painted.

Wall up and painted.

Walls painted, Lighting in.

Walls painted, Lighting in.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be announcing the dates of  Melt Body and Skin’s Open House in January. Bring a friend, tour the new space, take advantage of some great offers and enter to win some exceptional prizes! Until then, I’ll still be taking appointments at Deb’s Shear Perfection in New Lebanon through December 28. You can book online through my website to make an appointment. I’m also carrying gift cards that you can arrange to purchase now that can be used going forward in Chatham. Just give me a call or text at 518 929 5600 and I can get that set up for you.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!




Beta Testing a new product!

I use Se-Brazil waxing products and have learned from one of the best teachers; Stephanie Laynes; founder of Se-Brazil. When Stephanie developed a new product and was looking for beta testers I jumped at the chance. Especially when the product focused on solving an issue that I have and I see many others having too. Da da da dummmm-the dreaded ingrown hairs. 

My old, dry leg before using any product.

Exfoliation is really key in managing this skin condition, and yes, it is a condition of the skin that largely brings about this problem. When there are excess dead skin cells laying on the surface of the skin the hair has a hard time pushing through to the surface. It gets trapped and continues to grow,  forming a little bump. People with coarse or curly hair can also be plagued by ingrowns. In some people, the ingrowns become infected which can be painful and can even lead to scarring. We don't want that! No way.

So, back to exfoliation. Some people use a mitt or a loofah which are good exfoliators but think about it. These items are used in the shower. A place where it's warm and wet. Do you see where I'm going with this? That's right; the perfect environment for nasties to grow. And if you are the type who is prone to the infected type of ingrowns; head for the hills! Unless you're committed to laundering and drying your mitt or loofah between uses this really isn't a good choice.

That's why I'm excited about these little bars. The purple one has a rough texture which is perfect for dry, rough skin (hello my legs). I couldn't feel the physical exfoliation with the brown bar but it might be just the thing for a more delicate area. I used both bars every night for a week and wow! What a difference. Lots of dead skin cells were removed and free little hairs left in their place. The next time I sugar my legs I know I will get a much better result.

Se-Brazil Ingrown Bars. My new best friends.

The purple bar contains Lavender/Shea Butter/Oatmeal and the brown one Lavender/Shea Butter/Brown Sugar and both have a base of Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Vegetable Glycerin, Rosemary Extract, and Vitamin E Extract. I'm going to continue to experiment using the bars separately now to see if there is a difference in their performance on my problem areas. 

Thanks Stephanie for another great product. I'm really looking forward to sharing these products with my clients.

After some more treatments (and sugaring my legs again!) I'll reveal the "after" shots. I'm excited!!!