About Laura

A bride-to-be looks in the mirror and sees the glowing results of the skin care regimen she’s been following. A teen or young adult client calls me to report that her skin is clearer and more luminous from customized acne treatments. Or a client finds himself transported during an ayurvedic body massage from the busyness of daily life to a place of comfort, care, relaxation, and relief from pain. 

These personal transformations are when I feel most rewarded as a skin treatment and massage therapy specialist. This is why I’ve dedicated my career to wellness and beauty, and why I created Melt Body and Skin studio.

My Specialties

My approach, honed through years of study and practice, is unique to you — today, in this moment. I don’t only work from a set menu of services; instead, you can choose a session length, and I combine elements of different practices and modalities to customize a treatment that works for you. I offer personalized services in:

  • Acne treatment. I’m a certified acne specialist, and have successfully helped clients manage their acne and gain newfound confidence.

  • Hair removal, including lip, leg, bikini or Brazilian waxing, and sugaring (using organic hair removal products).

  • Facial treatments, what does your skin need today? I will do a thorough consultation and skin analysis to give you the best result using beautiful, whole plant based, organic skincare.

  • Body scrubs, for a relaxing, full-body experience and smooth, healthy skin.

  • Eyebrow waxing and shaping — a 30-minute session where I map and trim the brows, wax excess hair, and soothe and protect the treated area. I then fill in with makeup so you can see the perfect shape we’ll be working toward.

  • Ayurvedic Massage, a relaxing treatment using warm, herbalized oils to restore harmony and balance to the mind and body.

Although I carry a selection of top-quality skin care products including luxury, handcrafted organic brands and makeup, my practice isn’t about selling; it’s about listening to and learning what works best for you. So if you’re already using something that gives you positive results, we’ll incorporate it into your long-term routine. For some situations, using my products is necessary so that we have full control over what is applied to your skin and can better achieve the results that you’re looking for.

As we work together, you’ll find that you no longer need a medicine cabinet full of “experiments,” because we’re able to target the best products for you. This saves you time and money, and allows you to trust in the consistency of your results. 

For my acne clients, I also provide advice for diet, lifestyle, and supplements. My treatments are not one-and-done; they’re an ongoing conversation — through appointments, texts or e-mail, and extra tips on social media — with a compassionate, holistic skin care coach.

My Background

My first introduction to the beauty industry came in the 1980s, when I worked as a model but felt more drawn to the behind-the-scenes work. I was captivated with the idea that you could achieve beauty through proper skin care and professional makeup application, and that taking better care of yourself could lead to such extraordinary — and visible — results.

After earning my cosmetology, massage therapy, and esthetics licenses, I began to practice a variety of modalities. I also studied extensively with John F. Barnes, a pioneer in myofascial release, and advanced my skills by working alongside physical therapists in his wellness center to treat chronic injuries. At Kripalu, I studied Ayurvedic body treatments, which are nourishing to the skin as well as the muscles and the senses. I have studied advanced facial techniques including Gua Sha, Thai Herbal Poultice, and Dr. Voddder Advanced Head and Neck Manual Lymphatic Drainage. I’ve also taken several advanced courses in the area of the treatment of acne.

Ever the curious student, I frequently seek out a wide variety of continuing-education courses, and have earned certifications in nearly a dozen specialties. 

Let Me Develop a Treatment for You

The Melt Body and Skin studio is located in the heart of Chatham, a charming and sophisticated town in Columbia County, New York. In addition to being just steps away from some of the area’s best restaurants and shopping, the studio is a short drive from Hudson, Ghent, Spencertown, Claverack, and New Lebanon, as well as the Berkshire border. Text me today at 518-929-5600 or use my online appointment scheduler to book a facial, acne treatment, eyebrow waxing, sugaring session, and more.

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